Can you imagine a world where we all woke up feeling powerful, worthy and deserving of everything we desire?! We know that this is not the current truth for many of us out there. Our culture constantly bombards us with messages that we are not enough - not thin enough, not curvy enough, etc. It takes intention and support to dismantle this messaging but we wholeheartedly believe that the stories we hold about ourselves can be transformed.

Our work is to create space to invite you into not only self-acceptance and self-love but radical self-celebration. Ignite Booty School wants everyone in this world to feel powerful, confident and worthy in their own skin.

CEO of Ignite Booty School, Shawna Mox believes that movement is one of the most direct pathways to transformation. In addition to creating Booty School, Shawna facilitates body-positive workshops that combine movement and coaching exercises to examine our relationship to our bodies and write a new and empowered story of how we relate to ourselves.

These workshops are customized to suit your group, contact us for pricing and scheduling!