What the heck is Booty School?

Photo By: Amanda Kocian   @manderzz1

Photo By: Amanda Kocian @manderzz1


Ignite Booty School is a body-lovin’, booty-shakin’ experience for babes who want to have fun, workout and express themselves. We provide experiences for you to feel more powerful, comfortable and free in your body.

We are a body-positive community of babes who love to get down with our bad selves. Above all, we strive to create safe, fun and inclusive experiences to promote unity, diversity and connection.

In many cultures around the world, dance is a form of communion and celebration. Unfortunately in many Western cultures, dancing is saved for those who have discipline and dedication to a specific dance form or for those throwing back tequila late night at the club. While there is nothing inherently wrong or bad about either of those environments, Ignite Booty School promotes the medicine of movement, self-expression and celebration for everyBODY.


Do you teach twerking?

Short answer - yes, in most classes.

What is twerking and where did it come from?

Twerking is the up, down or side-to-side movement of your booty with origins that trace back to African tradition thousands of years ago.

Throughout history to today, twerking (and the bodies that twerk) have been sexualized, demonized and criticized. In many African traditions, booty-centric dancing was a ceremonial way to to celebrate feminine energy, promote fertility and bond by women dancing in circle. Additionally, it is a way to express body autonomy and sexual agency.

We strive to share historical and cultural contexts in our classes while acknowledging and honoring the bodies that carried these movements throughout the African diaspora.

What if I don’t have a booty?

While it might be smaller than others, you have a booty! Booties of all sizes will enjoy class, and we do exercises specifically aimed to strengthen (therefore, grow) your backside.

Can guys come to class?

Yes! While most of our students are women-identifying, anyone regardless of gender is welcome to class. It is our number one priority to create a safe and encouraging environment so what will never be tolerated is anyone making the room feel unsafe.

I wish I lived closer! When will Ignite Booty School be coming to a place near me?!

We are expanding! If you would like to find a way to bring Ignite Booty School to your area, shoot us an email to connect. We have Ambassador Training opportunities to start your own Ignite Booty School community and pop-up workshop offerings. Email us at contact@ignitebootyschool.com

What if I don’t have rhythm or really bad at dancing?

It’s ok! No prior experience necessary - this is why you come to class! Our classes do not involve complicated choreography or hard to follow moves. We encourage you to be inspired by the movements of the instructor and modify to suit your body.